The iconic Man on the Moon album trilogy began in 2009, with Kid Cudi referencing Cleveland 9 times throughout the duration of its first installment. He has never shied away from his Ohio roots, and to no surprise, the city claims this once-in-a-generation artist with pride. 

It’s always a great feeling to see the hometown kid win. But what’s even better than that is more Ohioans being involved in that success! That’s why we wanted to shine a light on the individuals from Cleveland who contributed to the release of this highly anticipated album which finalizes the legend: 

Dennis Cummings, Ramii, Chip Tha Ripper, Trippie Redd (Canton, OH; honorable mention)


Dennis Cummings is Cudi’s long-time manager. He is the man behind the scenes making a lot of the moves we all see happen. If you take a look at the album artwork, you’ll see Dennis is credited for co-executively producing this record.

Ramii is no stranger to working with Cudi. He produced some of the classics you’ll remember from back in the day including “Ask About Me” with Chip Tha Ripper. He also co-produced a track titled “Maybe” on MOTM II which appeared as a bonus track. Ramii received production credits on two different songs this time around on MOTM III: "Lovin' Me" and "The Pale Moonlight.”

Chip Tha Ripper is a familiar face to Cudi fans, appearing on both MOTM I & II. That doesn't mean you'll see him on the track list this go-around. However, his impact on making this album happen in the first place is most likely more valuable than him snagging a feature on a song. Kid Cudi took to Twitter to share a message about those who pushed him to really rap again:

“If anyone really pushed me to rap on this album it would be Dot, my girl Rocky, Dennis, my engineer Bill, my sister Maisha n Chip.”


Trippie Redd gets an honorable mention for being featured on this album because he is from Canton. Can’t lie, he reps Ohio pretty hard!