Magu Lookbook 1 from Magu Studios on Vimeo. Magu Studios is launching their debut product offering; a 10-ounce, raw Japanese selvedge denim infused with industrial hemp fibers at the newly opened Ilthy Workshop in Gordon Square.
Valentin Garkov, Garrett Durica, and Brian Kupiec, three denim enthusiasts from Cleveland set out on a mission: to make the perfect pair of jeans. “We had a vision of coming to Cleveland to find some of the best jeans in the world. After experimenting with different fabrics, we learned the potential of industrial hemp fibers in clothing.” Valentin and the Magu team spent years creating and sourcing custom fabric, integrating hemp fibers into denim for increased durability and sustainability. In pursuit of the best product possible, the Magu team turned to Okayama, Japan, which widely rings bells in the denim world as the birthplace of premium selvedge denim. “Working with hemp tends to be hard and expensive, because not much is set up, no one knows the practices that well, and you have to do custom runs and trials. Our family-owned manufacturers in Okayama offer us generations of experience and flexibility to produce high-quality, low-volume runs which is why we are able to bring you our first of its kind products.” Magu, the hemp maiden, specializes in crafting high quality ready-to-wear hemp garments with a Japanese influence and Cleveland workwear focus. You are cordially invited to Join Valentin and his team in the unveiling of Magu Studios debut line: the first hemp denim made in Japan and designed in Cleveland. Located at the Ilthy Workshop on 6602 Detroit Ave, Cleveland, OH 44102 on Friday, October 21 at 6:00 PM. Join us for a night of fun, laughs, drinks, and fashion. lb11 bifc