Twitter: @RELOasfuck , @ , @LEVELUPsound Congratulations to the newest signees of blackbear's beartrap imprint, LEVELUPsound! The Fremont, OH group, consisting of Relo and Snooze God, showed us what kind of numbers they're capable of, doing over 131,000 views via SoundCloud on their first single "The Goat." Now with their latest single "Surf$Up," (Produced by BLVCKDIAMOND) it looks like they're on the same path with over 4,000 views in the first 24 hours! LEVELUP offers a modern trap sound mixed with Relo's R&B bound voice to create a new swag everybody can enjoy! The duo is currently working on a self titled EP "LevelUp," with the release date still pending. For now, stream Surf$Up below; bifc