Twitter: @LHHSTributes Continue scrolling down for updates on new episodes of this season! 7even Nation Films, along with So Shabanky Productions and BlameSwoope, present a drama-comedy YouTube series titled Langston Tributes starring Brycen Hunt, Cimone Krupman, Javion Allen, and more. Welcome to Langston Hughes High School, where talent and drama are constantly clashing. Watch as a group of inner-city teens juggle high school drama along with their flashy dance group, Pryze. Group leader, Shawn Jackson and his girlfriend, Kayla Thompson collide with a mystery girl who insists she is "the one" for Shawn. What does this mean for their dance crew? Find out on this episode of Langston Tributes. Actors and music in this series comes from local Cleveland talent. Special thanks to: James Swoope - Director/2nd Camera Operator/Producer Jillian Holt - Writer/Producer Sasha Taylor - Camera Operator/Editor/Producer This IMBd page includes information on the entire cast, the plot of the series, and everything else you need to know!

Author: Slaz

In this episode of Langston Tributes, Shawn and his friends brainstorm who could be hacking his social media accounts. Richie overhears some juicy news, and Shawn gets a call that could finally end all his problems. Watch episode two of this already drama filled comedy above!