cudder Twitter: @ducidni So ILLROOTS decided to do a great write up on why Kid Cudi will always be relevant. The first paragraph of the post is below so you can get a feel for how it goes, but you Cudder fans are going to want to check out the entire piece. "Being a Kid Cudi fan is like being in a cult. You either get it or you don't. While 'Pursuit of Happiness', 'Day N Nite', and 'Memories' can still send most crowds into a frenzy, for many, the buck stops there with Kid Cudi. Then there are those of us who still cling onto him as some sort of savior of modern music. We’re looked at as crazy by the outside world. Why do we still think this guy is the greatest? His last album, Indicud, was almost universally panned. The one before that, WZRD, was a weird, alternative rock-influenced side project that's been largely forgotten. To the general public, he's a cool guy with a few good songs whose prime has passed. That's irrelevant to the crop of us who've been truly moved by his music."

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