If you pay attention to what goes on in the music scene here in Cleveland, then you probably heard about #TheCosign. It started with a mixtape of 12 tracks that we felt best represented the city. For Co-Signing Day, the Cosign sat down with label reps to talk about what exactly #TheCosign stood for and why everyone is behind it. DJ Steph Floss, Meel, DJ Ryan Wolf, DJ Knyce, Tropikana, E-V, Big Heff, DJ Corey Grand, DJ KY, and the ImFromCleveland team were joined by Chauncey of Epic Records, Ike of Def Jam Records, Laronn of Atlantic Records, and Bill Black of Radio One. They expressed their approval of this movement claiming that it was definitely needed in Cleveland. The main attraction was the showcase event, which gave the artists a chance to perform in front of a private audience filled with only the best in the industry. There were many highly respected groups and individuals that came out to support. Among those were Massillon based and MMG member Stalley, and EST19XX’s Ray Jr. In the video above you will see Big Heff addressing the crowd, along with Ray Jr. and Stalley speaking their minds on the state of music in not only Cleveland, but the entire state of Ohio. Following that, label reps Ike and Laronn speak words of wisdom for the artists to take in. The artists took the stage, and one great performance was followed by another as the night went on. These performances ranged from a comical and crowd-rocking set by Boss Lucci, to a serious RnB act by Congrez who was accompanied by his choreographic dancers. Tommy Missus, Ducky Smallz, Ezzy, J. Ab, Erika Kayne, Tae 4rm Da 50, Microwave Red, and Splash Rob all performed their tracks from the mixtape. Unfortunately Lorine Chia and Smiggz were unable to attend, but DJ KY took the time at the end of the event to play their tracks so the crowd could get familiar with them. You can check out #TheCosign mixtape by clicking here! Pictures from the showcase can be found below! All Photos were taken by The James Douglas Studio #TJDS. 9L9B2982 DJ KY 9L9B3096 Tommy Missus 9L9B3102 Ducky Smallz 9L9B3121 Microwave Red 9L9B3173 Splash Rob 9L9B3186 Congrez 9L9B3209 J. Ab 9L9B3246 Ezzy 9L9B3277 Erika Kayne 9L9B3445 9L9B3457 Stalley 9L9B7787 Ray Jr. 9L9B7869 #TheCosign (Missing members Tropikana & DJ Knyce)