keilyn Twitter: @DOPEKeilyN Ohio is a pretty large state and Cleveland along with Columbus seem to get a lot of our attention. Today we have stumbled upon an artist from Youngstown, Ohio that goes by the name of KeilyN and his record 'Community' is one that reminds us that Hip-Hop is alive and well. He spits a lyrical onslaught of adjectives that perfectly describe every single sentence that flows out of his mouth. What we find most intriguing about this MC is that even though his music is extremely catchy and memorable, is doesn't lack anything short of a great message. It's simply 'Great Music with a MESSAGE'. Such is the case with his 'D.O.P.E' movement which stands for Doing Opposite Pursuing Excellence. This young MC has a bright future and reminds us a lot of an early Lupe Fiasco and the drive to back it. We highly recommend checking out all of his work on his SoundCloud.