Twitter: @BigHarryJ_

With todays ImFromCleveland Exclusive we bring you the latest release from Harry J. On the record Harry J addresses listeners letting them know it’s okay for them to "Believe" in themselves as well as believe in him and the things he is doing for this city with his music. The production reminds be of that late 90’s with a nice harmony and complete Hiphop drums. It sets the stage for Harry to come and deliver a lyrical onslaught. Below is a taste of what Harry had to say about the record himself:

"Everything I'm saying is basically undocumented History of the city that I lived through. The couple people I let hear it was really touched beyond the music because they know or remember the events and people I'm speaking about so its more of an experience and even if you don't know you get to look these real life experiences through my eyes. I chose Believe to be the title because even though all this stuff was going on I made through when most of the people that was with me didn't and I'm also giving the city something real to believe in & letting them know if I can make through all that then they can trust that when I get to the next level the city gone be in good hands.”