Twitter: @joeyaich4 Joey Aich has been releasing more and more music as of recently. Before this new song Joey released his song "Fundraiser" which has a bit of a darker feel to it."Meccas" brings the good feeling back up with it's driving boom bap beat with Joey having a seemingly endless flow that just keeps coming. It seems like Joey doesn't even take the time with for a breath as he goes bar for bar.... "Meccas" can be found on Spotify below along with all other streaming sites as well! "When I wrote Meccas I felt like my stock as an artist was rising. I was a recent graduate and I had just booked my first show out of the state and began a mini tour around the state, and I realize a lot comes with being an artist. With the platform comes responsibilities and I want to use my platform for the better and be a positive impact on not only the city of Cleveland/Columbus, but also the world." - Joey Aich