Twitter: @calscruby, @realmethandred In October of 2017, Cal Scruby returned to the city that gave his rap career a jump start and a college degree. After playing a show at The Green Room in downtown Columbus, the Cincinnati native noticed that his laptop with all of his "porn" and unreleased music was gone. Taking it to Twitter shortly after, his fans were just as upset. Promising to go after whoever took his computer if they ever found out. Cal warned that whoever stole from him has "woke the monster," and his frustration is clear in his new song "Do Or Die." Featuring Redman, who is best know for his collaborations with Wu- Tang Clan's Method Man and his role in the classic movie How High, also starring Method Man. Needless to say, this is legendary for Cal Scruby. Listen below and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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Author: Slaz