Twitter: @_FreezeTag Consistency doesn't mean much if the its not back by quality. We have found time and time again it's not about how many songs you release but about the quality of the content that your are releasing. However, when you are able to do both stay consistent in releases and consistent with great music it's really hard not to be one of the best doing it. Such is the case with Freeze-Tag. At This point Freeze is no stranger to the site with releases like last months 'You Do' but he is back with his latest and maybe just his best yet and that brings us to 'No Passing (Otto and the Atom)' which premiered earlier today via SPIN Magazine. Hot off his headlining slot at Brite Winter Festival he brings us his latest release off of his upcoming project 'Last Night I Grew Tentacles' is one that gives listeners a better look at his vocal talent and songwriting while staying true to his electro plasmic space infused sounds. Showing off his vocals over ascending keys and hanging snares, backed by some lingering background harmonies, Freeze-Tag has given listeners another chance to take a trip through space with his music, something we can honestly say is not being done by anyone else who has tried. Like what you hear? Stay tuned to for more releases from Freeze-Tag "Take you to a world, a spectrum of colors"