We are now at week 19 of our “Featured Artist Of The Week” series. We are providing a platform for these artists to share whatever it is they would like with their fans. This week we decided to reach out to Billard. Hit the break and check out what he had to say. Interested in being featured next? Email us: newclevelandmusic216@yahoo.com. My favorite hobbies are playing basketball & cooking it up in the kitchen lol. The only things I have time for! The people that helped me get to this point in my career are my mom, my manager Jay, and my big brother Casa. I gotta thank my homies over at imfromcleveland which are John and Connor. They play a big part and helped me out so much. And all my friends and supporters I thank you and love you all. Jay-z, Kanye West, Lorine Chia, WiseGuy, and Kipp Stone are the artists I want to work with because of their creativity and their work ethic. These are people I can make timeless music with. I wanna give a special thanks to my management my 1hunnet team, Clockwork Muzik, and my homies over at imfromcleveland. Nothing is possible without these guys. And my mom of course. And to any artist out there keep working hard nothing is impossible. 1hunnet