4/20 is still a couple weeks away, but that didn’t stop Kid “Cheech” Cudi and Snoop “Chong” Dogg from blazing up the set of their video for “That Tree,” the stoners’ anthem from Snoop’s More Malice album. The air was thick as the rappers, dressed in lumberjack attire, chopped trees in a cut-out lumber yard. “We’re doing a live action pop-up book with Kid Cudi and Snoop Dogg,” explained cinematographer Ryan McNeely. “The concept of the video is that Kid Cudi and Snoop are tree trimmers and Cudi loses the van and Snoop gets pissed off at him, and then they see an ad on TV selling their van and they have to figure out a way to get their van back.” Catch the high when the clip premieres April 15. Hit the break to view more photos. Via Rap-Up