"aint nuttin yall. yesterday i was stuck in my hotel room in miami cuz i raged the night before and projectile vomited my soul out that mornin so i had a lot of time to recoup and watch some tube theres this ill show called Bully Beatdown on MTV2 thats fawkin amazing. they take real life bullies and make em fight MMA fighters lmao man this shit wild. GO CHECK IT OUT NOW! i swear ull love it. who doesnt like seein some one talkin shit get theyre ass whooped??? legitimately lol another one of my favorite shows on the tube is Funny or Die on HBO. i love it. no, seriously i do. its like watchin all your favorite comedians from all your favorite movies doin sketches all on one show. its like a bunch of mini movies. i repeat, i love it. they got this thing they do called drunk history where they make someone drink a crap load of alcohol and then explain a historical event. its genius. its my goal this year to be on this show and its already in the works. a month ago i had a meeting with the guys there (who were the coolest bunch of people ever) so ill keep yall posted as to when its all gonna go down. this show made me want to watch tv again. well, HBO in general. whaaattt uuupppppp and now a awesomely random picture of me and salt n peppahhhhh! this is from my trip to australia on the good vibrations tour oh and p.s., me bloggin is a hobby, prolly the lowest popular hobby of mine but its a hobby none the less. now yall fuckin wit stoner cud, u mite jus not get a post for a week maybe a month, it happens haha sometimes i dont have anything exciting to post and also im really BUSYYYY workin on our album remember??? ill make sure that when i post its a huge post full of a bunch of shit because im runnin out of good blog titles lol and im jus really busy seriously. and A.D.D. i think RAAAAAGGGGGGEEEEEEE!!!!" -Kid Cudi