Twitter: @ZacMatthews1 Everyone has those people in their life who are always in your ear telling you to do this or that and say they're looking out for you're better interest... Zach Matthews (formerly known as Zac Gatz) tells exactly how he feels in his song "Voices." In the hook Zac repeats "Let me live my life" because you and I both now parents or whoever want to live your life for you. Will completely killed this beat which perfectly compliments Zac's voice and if anything shows off Zac's creativity with his music. This is only the first single from Zac's upcoming project "Expand" which we can expected Spring 2015.

the cosign

Click the image above to check out the presented mixtape "TheCosign," backed up by DJ Steph Floss, DJ KNyce, E-V, DJ KY, DJ Ryan Wolf, DJ Corey Grand, Meel, Tropikana, & Big Heff.