Twitter: @ZacMatthews1 I've noticed recently Zac Matthews has been implementing a lot of consciousness into his music... Not that he hasn't before, but it just seems more prominent in his recent releases. With this one "See" Zac digs deep into his mind and even touches on his father looking down on him and knowing that he's proud. A very personal track for Zac. I feel as though their is also a connection between this song and a previous release "Voices." "See' is the second part to "Voices" in which instead of Zac listening to everyone else around him this is Zacs thoughts to himself about life, making his dreams a reality, and just being himself... willFlame providing the beat which compliments Zacs voice as usual and creates the sentimental tone for the track. This track is also apart of a small EP titled "Preparation for Expansion" which is leading up to Zac's full length release "Expand." Set to release this coming Spring. ezzy freestyle sway Ezzy absolutely bodied his freestyle while he was on Sway In The Morning! Click the image above to watch it!