Twitter: @anewplateau So I've been meaning to post this for a couple of months now since this mixatpe has dropped, but I have been pretty busy with real life... Anyway I feel not posting this till now has allowed me to really get a feel for this project and truly give it a good listen. "Expand" is the newest project from rapper Zac Matthews and I have to say this is really a amazing project in my opinion. Zac really opens up and shares his feelings/ emotions with each track and shows who he is. From the title track "Expand" to the last song "Timepiece" the production on this project is just diverse and different. Each beat reflects on who Zac is. One song that sticks out to me would be "Elevate." I found myself always restarting the track after it was done playing. I found myself relating to everything Zac had to say on this track and the BEAT!!!! Don't even get me started on that... willflame killed this.
I'm just trying to make a difference, show them you can be yourself and just live your life. I'm so sick of this 9-5. I'm so sick of living just to die.
If you want to truly "EXPAND" your listening and are into conscious rap give this project a listen and download (link below).

Zac Matthews - Expand

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