Twitter: @ZacMatthews1 With a memorizing Star Wars infused instrumental Zac Matthews (Zac Gatz) drops the video for his newest single "Expand." Not only is Expand the name of the song, but also the name of Zac's newest tape "Expand" set to drop April 24th. With #GOODLOOKINPEDRO KILLING the visual it does nothing, but add to the story of the song while giving us the viewer a look into Zac's creative thought process. The overall production on this track and engineering on Zac's vocals is crystal clear which allows him to "Expand" his lyricism, word play, and skill to glide over this beat effortlessly... Really excited to see what else Zac has to bring to the table with this upcoming project! Shoutout to them Coast boys!!! lrnl banner Click the image above to listen to Nate2xs's new dope single "L.R.N.L" featuring Curly Chuck!