Twitter: @WhoYc330 On his debut project, Welcome to the Future, Young Cedar covers topics from partying, women, and drugs, to his dreams and struggles, and even suicide. The production over the entire project is a huge highlight; from the ghostly production on Temptations, to the futuristic sound on My Party Song, and the funky bass sprinkled throughout the title track, Welcome to the Future. Even with the production, YC is not overshadowed. He comes with heat, and his flows and lyrics mix with the production to create a mixtape that will have you wondering who this Massillon based MC is. Stand Out Lyrics: “This is Young Cedar. The up and coming newer dreamer. I started as an a-the-lete, and now I’m in arenas.” “Yo I’m back. On that super-duper killa flow. I’m bout to get another hoe and pass it like the give and go.” all eyez on me video Click the image above to watch Billard's new video for "All Eyez On Me" featuring Machine Gun Kelly.