Twitter: @WhoYC330 Massillon's own Young Cedar dropped of a project for his fans for the Holidays. The Sober Chronicles is a 5 track EP that will hold off his fans who have been wanting more until he drops a full-length mixtape. The concept of the EP is awesome. He explains it in his own words below. Definitely worth the listen!
The concept of the sober chronicles was to make a playlist to smoke a blunt to with your friends .. The mixtape length is around 12 minutes which is about the length to smoke a blunt on a L ride .. I was completely sober when creating this EP which is how it got the name "The Sober Chronicles" The EP starts with more upbeat hard songs to get you pumped up when your at your highest .. After the song "hands up" I state "I'll be dropping another mixtape on the way " just listen just listen " the next song "tomorrow" is the type of sound I'm bringing to the next tape so I hope y'all fuck with it ! Those songs are more slow paced for when the peak of the high is slowing down .. This tape was designed to emulate the feelings of being sober , to your highest , to mellowing out . -Young Cedar

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