woulf Twitter: @Rebel_Muzik_ Music is one of those things where age doesn't really apply to the worth of an artist. You can be young, you can be old, none the less good music is good music. This brings us to 19 year old MC Woulf and his debut release 'The Rebirth EP'. Woulf opens up his life on the EP discussing things from his father leaving to him being kicked out of the house and being homeless. But that seems to be where his troubles end, as he seemed to find a place to put all of that negativity and flip into something positive. For us, standout tracks are 'Death Before Dishonor' which was produced by Billard and 'Body Throwed' which was also produced by Billard. The tape has a feature from Dexx Poeta and production from Billard, THIG, OG x 50, and General Millz. Does Woulf earn himself a spot in top artists in the city? We think he could be.