Twitter: @PharaohWOULF , @Spaceman_Spiffy Fast changing scenes, a dope Cadillac, and a mixture of focused and unfocused shots describe WOULFs new video for his song "Away From Me." Sounding like a mixture between Travis Scott and Speaker Knockerz Woulf completely wins me over with this track and video. The darkness of this beat mixed with the hook is what first caught my interest immediately. I'm even more impressed that Woulf also helped make this beat... Definitely an added bonus. After that Woulfs slow paced flow with his verses with the added delay and hint of autotune really make me like this song more and more each time I listen. The song and video deserve way more attention!!

the cosign

Click the image above to check out the presented mixtape "TheCosign," backed up by DJ Steph Floss, DJ KNyce, E-V, DJ KY, DJ Ryan Wolf, DJ Corey Grand, Meel, Tropikana, & Big Heff.