Twitter: @Kipp_Stone, @ShawnKAllDay, @CurlyChuck_, @TaeMilesCLE, @BankieiZ If you're familiar with the local music scene at all, you've most likely heard of these rappers on this track. I personally think that this song "2HundredSixteen" is one of the most important collaborations between Cleveland rappers in awhile. It's a step in the right direction, and it needs to happen more often. Rappers in this city collab often. However, outside of Machine Gun Kelly's EST label, there isn't any other powerhouse group that continuously supports each other's work. This is something that needs to change! Cleveland has a lot of talent, but it NEEDS to come together. Other cities are doing this all the time. A perfect example, which happened just days ago, is when Donald Glover shouted out Migos during his Golden Globe acceptance speech. This resulted in 67 million plays on Spotify & 10 million YouTube views in just 12 hours. Of course, these artists are on a stage where every move they make is seen by tons of people. However, both are from Atlanta, & the support of one artist in this case meant unbelievable success for the group that calls themselves Migos. I've noticed one major problem that Cleveland has in general; ego. Artists here are quick to talk down on another rapper's music. Why? Maybe they want the attention for themselves. Regardless of the reason, IT IS NOT WORKING. It's been my goal to bring the local music scene closer together. "2HundredSixteen" gives me hope for our future. There have been other collabs between artists. Why is this one so important? The styles of these artists mesh so well. These artists are all underground, yet we look at someone like Bankie iZ as an OG who has been around for as long as I can remember. He's an artist who has created his own sound, steering away from popular trends as they come and go in this industry. The same goes for the other artists on this track. Tae Miles has been known for his signature Cleveland / Bone Thugs sound. Kipp Stone, Curly Chuck, & Shawn K all have organic movements that represent Cleveland's sound so well. Not only is their collab named after the city, but they came together to tell a story and put on for our scene. They put their egos aside and looked at the bigger picture. This is a call to rappers in Cleveland to use this song as an example. We need to support each other, not be upset when others are gaining attention or seeing the spotlight we wish for ourselves. The only way the city's music scene will progress is if everyone comes together, rather than tearing each other apart. Author: John Stursa bifc