Twitter: @vicegotbeats
The Midwest has long been the forgotten frontier of Hip Hop. Even though so many legends in and outside of music found their origins in the heart of the United States, The East, West and South somehow staked claim as the dominant regions when it came to rap music. Enter Vice Souletric, an emcee/producer from the great state of Ohio who dares to go where no Midwestern born artist has gone before, and that is on the front lines of the battle of Hip Hop supremacy. Though it was born in the East, grew up in the West, and then moved down South, Vice states, “Hip Hop LIVES in the Midwest”, and is the central melting pot of all the other three regions combined. Over jazzy yet raucous production, Vice Souletric gives us, “Midwest Blues,” another banging single off of his debut EP, Vice For President.