Twitter: @tycmusic, @CurlyChuck_, @imscootie TyC is a song writer and producer out from the east side of Cleveland, Ohio. He's been living out in LA, shadow producing for others and learning what he can from the people he's surrounded himself with. There's no way you can listen to his newest song "B W/U" and NOT feel some type of way. The beat is very much alive, setting the tone for featured artists Scootie and Curly Chuck. TyC's combination of pop sensibilities with a fresh electro-soul aesthetic is refreshing to say the least. Fans can expect more from TyC soon, as he's gearing up to release an EP featuring Joselyn Rivera, Scootie, Jordan Humphrey, and Sonny Step. He's also hinted at an entire collab project with Curly Chuck. Exciting stuff!! Give the song a listen and let us know what you think!