Instagram: @tycmadeit, @curly_chuck ANOTHER ONE!!! TyC and Curly Chuck keep the vibes coming. I'm absolutely loving the collabs, as each time they deliver a song it's something you really didn't expect. Their styles impeccably mesh, as TyC sets the tone with production for Chuck to just go absolutely nuts on. "Get It" might be the best of the 4 tracks the pair has released so far. We'll let you make that decision! I swear I gotta see this one get played at a rager!!

Official Press Release:

“Get It” combines TyC’s huge arrangement aesthetic with Curly’s endless melodic and rhythmic versatility. TyC sampled all of the original Mac OS sounds, using them for the drum sounds and fx laden throughout. Curly Chuck’s sound dominates the horn driven drop, derived from the mac "delete sound" and his flow winds perfectly through the funky electro-driven verses. TyC produced and mixed the record and it’s the first single off of their debut EP being released this summer! They are carving a path of their own and combining aspects of all genres to create this edgy futuristic sound and if one’s things for sure, these two are going to be full of surprises.