Twitter: @WH2UTommyMissus Tommy Missus brings the world his new track "DIP" I've been an avid listener of Tommys music for a while now. This new style he's been bringing is different than anyone else in the city. Blending autotune singing, rapping, and a low raspy voice accompanied by a slow chopped and screwed type beat Tommy Missus perfects this style. Tommy also throws little mentions/ hints of recent songs he released on his mixtape "Kill The King" Just a slow vibe song that has me bobbing my head and replaying this song over and over. This is just one of six slow smooth songs Tommy will be releasing on a short mixtape. No name as of yet... Stay tuned! Download link below.

Tommy Missus - DIP

mel g how much you want Click the image above to watch ImFromCleveland's exclusive release of Mel G's new video "How Much You Want."