Twitter: @TrustInThyMuel Thy Muel has just announced that his upcoming project Velvet Iguana will be available December 1st. The first single of the project "Cleveland 4 Dayz" will drop one week prior to the EP's release. The EP will be short, between 3-5 tracks. Read what Thy Muel had to say about it himself below.
The new project, ‪#‎VelvetIguana‬ is short - 3 or 4 songs....Thats how most if not all of our future projects shall be. It will allow us to focus more on each individual track and make them the best they can possibly be. This will also allow us to make and release a ton of new material...... My goal as of right now is to have 3 of these "Ep's" out by Easter, and we're right on track to hit that goal. First one arrives December 1st! ‪#‎ThyFam‬
Artwork done by Jon Roblin (@rizzoblam)
Engineered by KillaKam (@ThaRealKiller)
While you wait for this project, you can grab Thy Muel's Heavy As The Sun on SoundCloud or iTunes.
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