Deezy216 - Touchdown (Video)

peteStaySwipin - Average (Video)

Freestyle Car Episode 3 ft. Clay Bama (Video)

Big 40 - Chavon World 2 (Mixtape)

Lil Bizzy - Manifest (EP)

Slim Slater - Robin Hood (Video)

Lil Marv - Bitch Hollin (Video)

Doe Boy - Ready

Teflon Sega - Closure

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Will C. - LA / IDWS2
Chick Da Flyest - Flow
Chee Bee ft. Salvatore & Curly Chuck - Cudi
Lil Vontana Swish - Been It (Video)
PEACHCURLS - Send Nudes Freestyle (video)
Queezy Wonder - Control
Man - Be Fine
2MRO - Better Have Patience Out Here (Video)
Xraig Free - Titan
Tocka ft. Breezy Supreme - Slaughter U
Tee ft. Lucid - Good Time
Streetz Ching Ching - Picasso Streetz (EP)
Tayzeus ft. Lee - Heights (Video)