Every week we create a list of releases around the underground hip-hop music scene in Ohio. More content this week can be found on our blog.

Devn.Lnell - Due Time

Jxsh - LOVERBOY (Album)

Don Kenobi ft. Mick Jenkins - Revelations

CeanSki ft. Curly Chuck - Drip

Flames Binladin - Flames Bond (License To Kill)

Nadiem - Venom (Video)

Millz Pe$o - Dope

TravV Tigo & Khillzay - Combo

Youngg Kobe - Backwoods

Bobby JaGGerJack - Chameleon (Prod. by Hits by Jude)

Blak Bravo - Bury Me Freestyle (Video)

NUW4VE ft. Cassidy King - Take Me Away

Kipp Stone - Beastmode