You aren't going to find many shows that have as much upcoming Ohio talent as #TheScrubyShow did. And for that I tip my hat to The Humble Heroz for putting it all together. x were present to capture the event for those who missed it! Above is a small video recap of the show. Below you will find pictures and a write up of the show split up between each artist.


sway 1 sway 2 sway 3 sway 4 Swah opened up the show and tested the crowd to find the hip-hop heads as he adlibbed to Jay-Z’s track “Public Service Announcement” from The Black Album. It’s always hard being the first act and performing while the people are still pouring in, but Swah did a great job of exhibiting continuous energy which showed the passion he has for his music. During his set he went through both old and unreleased tracks. He started off by giving fans a taste of what his next project will sound like with the performance of “RedRum,” followed by yet another song from the same project “Bruce Banner” which is currently unreleased. He ended his set with “Never,” and if you haven’t seen the video for it yet I suggest clicking here to check it out.


Ezzy 2 Ezzy 1 Ezzy 3 Ezzy 4 Shortly after his set began the 17 year old rapper had the crowd of girls in the front row chanting his name. Many rappers pour alcohol to fans while they perform. Ezzy put his own spin on that one, as he found himself busy on stage passing out the candy provided for him backstage prior to the show. As he performed a new song with fellow Cleveland rapper Booby, Ezzy brought out a live band which brought the crowd to life. He followed by performing his track “Bet That” after explaining the feeling of being held back from accomplishing his goals in life.

Lorine Chia

Lorine 1 Lorine 2 Lorine 3 Lorine Chia 4 Lorine Chia had the crowd vibing together as the room collectively echoed the words of “Fly High” when she first hit the stage. Before going deeper into her performance she asked everyone in the crowd to greet their neighbors, something that all artists should encourage at their shows. If there is one thing Lorine enjoys the most in life, my guess would be performing her music live for others. I have never witnessed an artist smile as much as she did while exposing their art. Lorine's DJ, DJ Xplosive, switched things up as he got creative with his scratching (he covered his eyes with his hat, then continued the spew of talent by scratching with his foot and elbow). Lorine left the crowd energized with her final performance of "Bout It."

Cal Scruby

Cal 1 Cal 2 Cal 4 Cal 5 By the time Cal Scruby was due to hit the stage the venue was packed and ready for what was going to follow. For his set he brought a basketball hoop that used the backboard as a screen to display his name and theme as an artist. Cal spent time to make sure the crowd was familiar with some premier artists from Cleveland. He played "Bitch I Feel Good" by King Chip, Pursuit Of Happiness" by Kid Cudi, “Sloppy” by Ray Jr., “First of the Month” by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, and “Wild Boy” by MGK which he finished with his own remix. The show’s diversity continued to grow when Cal brought out his girl Vanavia, who delivered an insane beatboxing job as Cal flowed over it. Among the notable tracks that he performed were “Faster,” “Game 6,” “Wonder Girl,” and the finale that took the night “Fux With Me.” For this Cincinnati artist who arrived on stage at Kent in a trippy cat t-shirt but left in a Cleveland Cavalier Kyrie Irving Jersey, I would say it was a very successful show. Write-up by: John Stursa Pictures by: Connor O'Donnell & John Stursa