Instagram: @ericriveraofficial We recently sat down with Eric Rivera for The Land Line series! The local artist (born in The Bronx, raised later on in Cleveland) spoke about a range of topics during our discussion. For one, he expresses how much quicker other cities and regions are when it comes to getting work done and how that influenced his perspective on life. Eric's music will have you bouncing your head up and down. It is ready to hit the radio waves & he possesses a work ethic that will get it there! The Puerto Rican rapper mixes English & Spanish on his records. He talks about how he separates himself by executing it differently than any other popular artists right now. Authenticity is the most important quality of his music. Eric also goes in-depth speaking about his newest full-length project Primero. It has features from Javier Montoya, Selena, and Ripp Flamez. Eric has a show downtown Cleveland at Stella’s Music Club (2217 E. 9th St.) on Thursday, Jun. 27 @ 9PM. Admission is FREE! Yes, FREE!!! He'll be performing project and a brand new single! ------------------------------------------------- Dopest take from the interview: Eric was asked by a couple if they could use his track for their wedding song!! That's next level.