kickdrums Twitter: @TheKickDrums After cementing a legacy in Cleveland during the mid 2000′s similar to the way Dr. Dre did in Los Angeles during the 1990s, Alex Fitts of The Kickdrums keeps knocking down the walls that most musicians are routinely finding themselves trapped in. While having produced some of the most classic Chip Tha Ripper and Ray Cash tracks including “Get it Gurl” and “Smokin & Leanin”, as well as more mainstream music for the likes of Lana Del Ray and A$AP Rocky. With these bulletpoints in mind, even a long-time listener wonders how they manage to come up with the indie/contemporary/ambient sound with that hip hop mood, and somehow keep improving it. Fitts provides excellent vocals and captivating songwriting, but its the smooth, steady, easy-going production that complete this unique puzzle that displays a picture only the Kickdrums can create. Check out "Thinking Out Loud" here, and don’t forget to purchase the album on iTunes tomorrow, 10/8! In the meantime stream the album HERE Via Leak Jones