Jenaé Steele provides us with a great overview of when Machine Gun Kelly was live at San Antonio’s Botanica Music Festival. Her full write up can be found out below which details the the show and just how electrifying MGK's performances are! Photographs by Dacia Lynn. FullSizeRender (3) "March 3, 2018, Machine Gun Kelly storms the stage at San Antonio’s Botanica Music Festival in true rockstar fashion. This first American show of the year took place in a slightly soggy Six Flags Fiesta Texas. But a little rain and mud was no match for the band or their loyal fans. From the moment Rook jumped on his drums for the beginning of “Golden God,” a damp and tired crowd instantly transformed into a rage machine. With every head bang in “Sail,” Baze, Kells, and AJ whipped the crowd up into a frenzy. No rollercoaster ride gets the adrenaline flowing like a Machine Gun Kelly performance. From the intensely emotional “Numb/Kiss The Sky” mashup to the thundering madness of “Wild Boy” and “Bad MotherF*cker,” this performance was filled with highs and lows that gave the audience the most thrilling ride of their lives. Many audience members returned home with exposed skull, due to AJ melting faces during his “Wake and Bake” guitar solo. Slim and Kells tag-teamed the crowd during “Trap Paris,” to transport everyone to just one of their wild nights out. Hearts throbbed during “Let You Go” and burst as Kells jumped off the stage into the crowd for his triple platinum song, “Bad Things.” Finally, with the last song of the set, “Till I Die” Kells shredded his custom guitar to the extent that he had to lay it down to rest at the end of his performance. There is no ride in the world like a rage with Machine Gun Kelly." - Jenaé Steele FullSizeRender (2)