Twitter: @TaeMilesCLE, @SWOOPE_RM777 My homie Swoope recently started his interviewing series titled #BlameSwoope. In this episode he interviews local talent Tae Miles. Huge salute to Swoope for the style and presentation of his interview, because its the exactly what you want from an interview. It's downright entertaining. We get to see the personality of Tae Miles from beginning to end. Check it out as they discuss his newest project The Adventures of the Wahoo Village Warrior, his upcoming tour with Johnny Polygon, and much more. It's definitely worth checking out the entire thing, and if you haven't listened to his new project DO IT RIGHT AFTER YOU WATCH THIS INTERVIEW. nominate banner ifc Nominate I'm From Cleveland as the "Best Media Outlet" for the Ohio Hip Hop Awards. Click the image above to learn how! It's quick and easy.