Twitter: @VernThompsonNBA When it comes to Cleveland sports, Vern Thompson is a name you should know. This 19 year old kid from Cleveland, Ohio has become a recognizable name for social media active Cleveland sports fans. He attends Cleveland State University and is studying to become a sports broadcaster. Thompson is a published sports writer and has been a die-hard Cleveland sports fan for his entire life. He has had visions of being a sports broadcaster since has was a kid. His passion for Cleveland sports goes beyond normal fandom; he has dedicated his entire life to them. He chose to attend Cleveland State University solely on the fact that he could live downtown and attend all home games; he didn’t even visit CSU before he was accepted to the university. At the age of 18 years old he was one of the Cavs’ youngest season ticket holders. October 3, 2013 is the day Vern took to the internet and began to get his name out. He started what is known as “Vern Knows Cleveland.” A site and twitter account that is active with other Cleveland fans, he provides information and is known for his giveaways. Thompson gives away tickets to sporting events to his followers. Last year Thompson gave away tickets to 22 Cavs games. He loves to give tickets to die-hard fans that deserve them. He has been in contact with major names in the business from local anchors to ESPN broadcasters. He has gained nearly 5,000 twitter followers and received an independent sports writing position at a daily newspaper. Visit his website and follow him on twitter @vernthompsonnba Below are some words from Vern himself :
I just love the city of Cleveland, everything I do in my life revolves around this city and these fans. I really feel as if Cleveland fans are a family and that’s the passion behind Vern Knows Cleveland. Connecting with other die-hard fans from the area and giving away tickets when I can is a big part of VKC. There isn’t a more loyal fan base in sports and I’m proud to be a Clevelander. I am studying to become a sports broadcaster and getting my name out is the most important thing I can do because the field is so competitive. I’ve sat out in front of the Q in 30 degree weather handing out fliers, anything it takes. Being in college makes it difficult to do everything but we have come a long way from a year ago. I’m definitely starting to see some results from working hard. I hope to continue to spread the word and connect with as many Cleveland and NBA fans as possible. I believe if you truly want something you have to go after it and work hard, and that’s exactly what I’m doing, chasing my dream.
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