The man behind Malice N Wonderland said he was definitely not one of the moviegoers in line to see "Alice in Wonderland": Snoop Dogg doesn't care for 3-D films.

"I'm way too up in the sky to watch a movie in 3-D," Snoop laughed. "I don't want that stuff coming right in my face. The last movie I saw in 3-D, I'mma be honest with ya, is 'Friday the 13th Part III' in 3-D. Jason threw that spear, man. That spear hit me right in the eye, man. I never watched a 3-D movie again. I'm superstitious. I can't do it." Snoop's More Malice re-release, which came out last week, includes the song "That Tree" with Kid Cudi. "We did a cold video for that song," Snoop told Mixtape Daily. "I like working with Kid Cudi. To me, he's fun, dynamic, a brand-new style of MC. He gives hip-hop what it's missing right now, being fun and getting back to what it used to be. Everybody don't have to frown up and tell a story about going to jail, getting shot, having hard times. It can be fun sometimes. To me, his music represents that. His persona represents that. I hung out with him a few times, and he's really my nephew. He calls me Uncle Snoop. I'm happy we had a chance to work together. "It's basically a song talking about what we love," Snoop added about the Diplo-produced "That Tree." "It's a hard world we live in. Sometimes the only way we can get away is through that tree. We search the whole globe trying to find happiness, and sometimes, it sits right there in front of us in that tree. That's what the song is about; that's what the video is about. It's an imagination video where it's 3-D and you see things coming to life. You really gonna enjoy it." No need for any funny glasses: The video isn't literally in 3-D, the Dogg explained. "It's just gonna be 3-D at your face all day, understand me?" Via MTV