Twitter: @SkiMaskMalley Ski Mask Malley keeps them coming with this new self titled video.
This is dedicated is Herman "Herm" Groce, a young king and little brother to Ski Mask Malley and the entire Squad. Herm was shot and killed a little over a week ago by an unknown suspect, obviously jealous of what Herm and his team have going for themselves. Jealously is a motherfucker. Ironically he also plays the main supporting role in the above video as the male hostage and eventually victim who was put to rest last Wednesday. My he Ball In Paradise and forever live on through us, as we will carry his name on our backs wherever we go. Herm stood up for what he believed in and was willing to die for it. As tragic as losing Herm is, a lot of people now a days never would of had the heart to handle the situations Herm was never afraid of. He was fearless. 2gz, LSMS, 1200, MONEY BAGZ & now it's Herms World Forever. BIP LITTLE BROTHER. Via Trill HD