Twitter: @SkiMaskMalley Cleveland’s most notorious thug at the moment also happens to be a well polished recording artist emerging at the forefront of the cities exploding music scene. Mal has just now decided to dedicate himself to transitioning from the streets to music scene. While many claim the same life style as Ski mask Malley, few have the credentials to back it up. Ski mask was charged with murder, plead guilty to weapons charges, been shot down and survived a 4 month coma, served 4 years, has 6 kids… You get the picture? The man is a legend who’s life is documentary worthy way before music comes into play. Setting him apart from the artists in the same lane of street music is malley’s musician ship. Somehow in the midst of living one of the most self endangering & ridiculous lifestyles the city has ever seen, malley has perfected his craft in studios and is gearing up for the release of his highly anticipated self titled debut Ski Mask Malley. “Choppa Do The Chores” video was shot & chopped by chandler lass (@_youngwonder) For updates visit Via ELEVATOR