Sian Cotton was born and raised in Akron, a hardworking blue collar town located in Northeast, Ohio. The blue collar work ethic of Akron was instilled in Sian at an early age, where he applied it to athletics. Sian went on to play Football and Basketball at Saint Vincent St. Mary High School in Akron, where he played alongside NBA superstar LeBron James. During Sian's time at SVSM, he won 3 state championships in basketball, a national basketball championship, and first team All American honors in football. He was featured in the hit film, 'More than a Game' which was a documentary about the legendary 2003 SVSM National Championship basketball team. His success on the football field earned him a full ride to Ohio State. After some injuries and soul searching, Sian realized his time in football was over and he decided to utilize his blue collar work ethic towards a music career. He released his debut album 'Almost Home' in the fall of 2012. The success from 'Almost Home' led to the placement of the 'Almost Home' single on the NBA 2k14 video game soundtrack, which has generated over 75,000 views on the you tube video, and earned Sian fans from all around the world. Sian prides himself on loyalty, honesty, and hard work. These principles are the foundation for Sian's life and music serves as the platform to get the message out.