Twitter: @ShuicideHolla Shuicide Holla held a listening party last night for his newest project titled The Good Box. He took the first few moments to explain that, yes, the title means exactly what it sounds like. This is project about some good box!!! The title of the first song "Pussy So Good" (and undoubtedly the cover of the EP) give that away as well. Multiple features pop up from time to time on the project, and those include Ray Cash, Billie Mitchell, Tiffany, and more. The biggest of them all comes from Jazze Pha! Overall, it runs 8 songs long with an additional bonus track as well. Shuicide keeps his lyrical appeal on the project, but he also explores new sounds that are a bit foreign to his usual style. All in all it makes for a very solid project all the way through! Give it a listen and let us know what you think!!

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