Twitter: @SceneAmatiX It seems like there isn't a local artist who SceneAmatiX hasn't shot a video for. I've been watching this guy before he even knew that shooting videos was his passion. The progress he's made since way back when has been inspirational, and it has definitely made an impact in the local community by giving artists an option of receiving high quality work that reflects their brand. I asked Scene which of the videos he's shot were his favorite.. In no particular order, I have all 20 of them included below! Doe Boy ft. Machine Gun Kelly - Gang
LVfromCLE - Right Here
Vello - 2 Busy
Fly Tye - Stylin'
FAME & Fly Tye - AMG
Ripp Flamez - Learning
Ripp Flamez - Forever
Nate2xs - Talk To Me
Fly Tye - 100
Aaron James - Reminiscing
Ripp Flamez - All Good
Von wagger & Dame. - Mirror
LVfromCLE - Lonely
Fly Tye - Sampson
Ripp Flamez - Projects
Doe Boy - 956 Nights
Doe Boy - Letter To Future
B Simms - Dresser
Vello - Wavy Bills Cardinal - 2017