Instagram: @imfromcle We're making it easier to keep up with the hottest music coming out of the city and the state! Our newest playest IFC: Rooted will be consistently updated with new music by artists in Cleveland and around the state of Ohio!

About The Playlist:

  • Will be updated monthly based on the following:
    • Hype/popularity of the song
    • Quality of sound
    • Date released
  • Song must be on Spotify / Apple Music
  • Song must be from 2018
  • Artist / Producer/ Engineer must be from Ohio
What to submit or suggest a song? Follow these steps!
  • Send us an email:
  • Be sure to address the email as: Playlist Submission/Suggestion

Please keep in mind that the number of songs included in our playlist does make it difficult to capture every song that viewers or artists may want to see included. This playlist is to act as a beacon for listeners to go to when trying to hear some of the hottest new music out of Cleveland, and Ohio. *Not all of the songs that we chose for our Spotify & Apple Music playlists were uploaded to Soundcloud. Therefore, that playlists features a few different tracks!