Twitter: @ripp_flamez You can only record over a classic instrumental if you KILL IT, and Ripp Flamez did just that. He had a lot of things to get off of his chest after taking a short hiatus from dropping music. I don't think Beanie Sigel would mind after giving the sick flow a listen himself. We never know all of the behind the scenes information, but it seems like there must be something going on (or a lack thereof) between Ripp and fellow Cleveland rapper Ray Jr. "I ain't talked to Ray Jr. since last year.." That's honestly crazy because the two emcees had the hottest record in the city together. He also says: "Went through hell, I was with my n*ggas. And I don't know what's goin' on with L, but I miss my n*gga." Check out these dope visuals above and weigh in on the conversation by leaving a comment below!