Describe your sound as if we were deaf.
If you went from being deaf, to immediately hearing one of my'd have a heart attack! Even though my versatility bleeds through a lot in my upcoming projects, I still have a distinct sound, and that sound is filled with rapid fire delivery, an almost raspy yet strong voice, and catchy songs WITH heavy lyrical content (which is a rare combination in music these days).
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What producers, songwriters and/or artists do you see as your primary inspirations?
The Fresh Prince! Haha, nah but mostly those who aren't afraid to say "fuck conforming to the music stereotypes" and those artists consist of: The Temptations, Busta Rhymes, Lauryn Hill, Ludacris, DMX, The Gorillaz, The Who, etc. and honestly, music is more than what you hear. Music comes from seeing city lights, run-ins with phony friends, a heart-break, a victorious moment, and the list continues, but never could I or would I write a song at the will of someone else other then myself, because if you don't feel your own record how are the listeners supposed too? Inspiration starts within yourself.
Do you have a favorite musical project that you've worked on?
Yes, this certain project allowed me to make history at the Apollo Theater (Harlem, NY) by becoming the first rapper to win first place at their world-famous "Amateur Night" competition. The "project" was a song called "I'm A Star" - it is an uplifting song describing my journey from being a lame to being in the game, and with a catchy sing-a-long hook, a heavy synth and bass-filled beat and universal message, its easily the most exciting project I've worked on. (The real "I'm A Star" song has NOT dropped yet either, so the anticipation is crazy)
What was the main factor for launching your career when you did?
I didn't have a "career" when I first started. I had alternative motives which consisted of avoiding anymore physical confrontations (I was bullied a lot in my earlier years), becoming part of the cool crowd, and getting the respect I never had. And even though I've been on the scene doing what some would consider to be major things, I'd honestly say my true career is beginning with this new decade, so I'm just looking to 2010 and beyond!
Who are some people you would like to work with?
The man behind the musical genius of The Gorillaz. Guaranteed if we end up going with a major album deal, I will request to work him on the majority of my project. Also, I'd love to do a record with Anthony Hamilton, I'd love a feature from Busta/Twista/Tech N9ne because that would be the ultimate combination of the FASTEST rappers on one song to date, and lastly, probably someone like Christina Aguilera cause' she's dope as fuck and can bring the emotion in a listener out which is a characteristic I consider myself to have as well.
How is the internet changing your craft?
Makes everything easy. Shout out to social networking, enough said.
Do you feel like what you are doing is important?
Hell yeah!! Listen to the projects I have coming out this year, I guarantee I will touch your life in one way or another. People are tired of chains, rims, and everything else used to conceal the person behind the "rapper." The recession hit, times are hard, and listeners want someone relatable - I'm that mutha fucka.
Lastly, could you talk about any long-term goals or talents you have in mind?
I will become one of the greatest entertainers of my generation. Music is a given, but I will definitely move forward to pursue directing movies, and song-writing for other artist. I've never downplayed myself because everyone else has done that for me, I just continue to disappoint my haters by coming out on top, so with that being said, who knows what the future holds for me, I might be the first rapper to touch Mars...