Twitter: @RayJr216 The first installment of Gold Packs was a hit for Ray Jr. Now he's back with volume 2, but the main title of this project is Lyrics Playlist which is specifically dedicated to Ray's youngest daughter Lyric. "I got her hosting the tape just cause she's my inspiration. When all this is over with we can go back and laugh and have a good time. This is what we did, 2 years old hosting your first album!" Ray announced that this will be his last mixtape, so of course he has to go out with a bang. Ripp Flamez, Fabolous, and P The Artist are all artists who make contributions to the tape. Out of all 11 tracks, "Kenn Ball Her Face" may be my favorite as it serves to tribute the late Cleveland legend. That also features Fame and Ju. Ray also surprises fans with a short Gold Packs movie which you can watch below!