Twitter: @rayjr216 @Ripp_Flamez Ray Jr. releases the visual for his current hit song "NozeBleedz" which features Ripp Flamez! The video tells the perfect story of the song/ message of the song which is that a strong women should hold herself high & should embrace herself. The video also features footage from Ray's recent marriage. Phil Data really came through with this one! This video comes as an exclusive from The Fader and below is an exert from the article with Ray explaining the song himself. "This song is to motivate the women to only except the best when it comes to a man or anything in life," Ray told The FADER over email. "I wanted to show that with success comes with growth. Ripp blessed me with a Hook that represented my life, building that confidence in my lady!" Read the full article from The Fader here and watch the video below!! Author: Bobby Booshay bifc