Twitter: @pooh_gutta It's been over a year since the Cleveland legend Pooh Gutta has released a project, but the wait is over! Weem Ave is his newest release. The mixtape features 14 tracks in total and has features from Al Fatz, Chxpo, Doe Boy, Rootabang, Britt Bandz and a lot more great talent from the city. There's also production from Cleveland producers SlimXX, Pyrexxz, Sosa808 and others like 318 Tae and Like O. It feels as though there's more of a personal feel, and more intimate moments for listeners to connect with him as a person. Songs like "Running Out Of Lies," "Bae," and "Weem Ave. (outro)" really exemplify the personal feel of the project. Overall Pooh has something for everyone on "Weem Ave." In the latest installment of our interview series "The Land Line" Pooh gives more detail about the project along with his come up in the Cleveland music scene. Watch it here.