Twitter: @northcoastWill, @TheCoastENT We all look for something that keeps our minds occupied in life and a certain thrill whether it's an adrenaline rush, the high from drugs, or a female... northcoastWill describes just that in his song "The Thrills." With production from Clockwork Muzik the tone is set. Will raps/ sings about what he once had with a girl while reminiscing in his mind the feeling or "the thrills" he had at that point in time. Will could not have chosen a better beat to compliment his voice. With a soft tone in his voice Will matches the melody of the hook and to go along with it Will echoes the same words in the hook with a more raspy tone. "So tell me how you feel... Heeey." Be on the look out for the official video for The Thrills coming soon and music from District 13.. Prod. by @ClockworkMuzik

Soundcloud Link: northcoastWill - The Thrills