Twitter: @NoeticMusic Noetic has been hard at work putting together his debut project. It's always essential to come correct on your first release as an artist, and that's exactly what he did here! Split Decision is an EP that runs 16 tracks long. I was in love with Noetic's style when he sent over the first song we ever posted on the site called "Back There." I knew immediately he had what it took in order to set him apart from other artists, which is more important than ever these days. Sometimes I can't even tell who's who anymore, and I for one believe that's horrible for hip-hop. Anyways, back to the breath of fresh air that Noetic is providing the game.. Split Decision is delivered to listeners stacked with great features. Whether it be Lili K on the appropriately titled intro song "Better Late Than Never," or Cleveland's Ezri on "Clearing My Mind," Noetic recruited artists who already have their own buzz and could contribute in an organic way to the sound of his project. Other features include Elhae, Jean Deaux, CallMeFaded, Kirk Stillz, Aaron James, Schama Noel, Spazzy D, Serra Sellers. Another impressive feature comes in the form of narration by J.I.D.